Reflex Integration

Reflex Integration

At AKL, our occupational therapists specialize in pediatric reflex integration to support healthy development in infants, children, and teens. Reflexes are automatic movements that drive early motor skill development. When primitive reflexes persist past appropriate stages or fail to emerge properly, delays in gross, fine, and oral motor skills as well as cognitive, behavioral, and sensory processing can occur.

Our pediatric reflex integration therapy involves:

We provide pediatric reflex integration therapy at our specialized clinic, through home health visits, and at community settings like daycares and schools. Our therapists thoughtfully design activities that are engaging, rewarding, and efficient.

By targeting reflex integration, we lay the foundations for learning, behavior, and overall development. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative therapy approach.

Parents contact AKL inquiring about Occupational and Physical therapy. AKL does a 5-minute questionnaire to establish the patient information. An email is then sent to the parent advising of the next step. The email contains the requests for a couple of documents needed to begin the initial appointment with AKL.

Once the payment information is confirmed, we will send another email to the parent coordinating and confirming the evaluation appointment.

The parent will receive a notification reminder for the evaluation appointment via text, email and or a call. The information will contain documents needed, time and date of the appointment as well as the licensed therapist who will be evaluating the patient. The therapist might also contact the parent to confirm the appointment and coordinate the session.

The parent will receive the next steps via an email following up the evaluation.

The parent will receive a notification once the plan of care has been signed by the referring physician. We will coordinate with the parent of availability and amount of sessions that will be provided weekly.

Once therapy starts, the success of the sessions will be based on consistency and mutual feedback on the development of the patient.

Ready to Start?

Embarking on your child’s therapeutic journey with AKL THERAPY is just a few steps away. We’ve simplified the process into five easy stages to quickly transition from inquiry to active support. Follow these straightforward steps and watch your child begin to
flourish with our dedicated care.






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