Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

At AKL, our pediatric occupational therapists specialize in helping children develop and enhance their skills for daily living activities. Our compassionate and highly-trained occupational therapists work with children of all ages and backgrounds to facilitate independence, confidence, and an improved quality of life.

Services offered include:

We provide pediatric occupational therapy at our state-of-the-art clinic in Miami Springs, as well as through home health visits and on-site at preschools, daycares, and K-12 schools. Our therapists thoughtfully evaluate each child and family’s needs to develop customized treatment plans that are engaging, rewarding, and efficient.


Parents contact AKL to inquire about Occupational and Physical therapy. AKL conducts a 5-minute questionnaire to gather patient information. An email is sent to the parents outlining the next steps. This email includes requests for specific documents required for the initial appointment with AKL. Upon confirmation of payment details, AKL sends another email to schedule and confirm the evaluation appointment.

The parent will be notified about the evaluation appointment through text, email, or a call. The notification will include details about necessary documents, the appointment's time and date, and the name of the licensed therapist conducting the evaluation. The therapist may contact the parent directly to confirm the appointment and coordinate the session. Following the evaluation, the parent will receive an email outlining the next steps.

The parent receives a notification when the plan of care is signed by the referring physician. We coordinate with the parent to determine their availability and the number of sessions to be provided weekly. After therapy begins, the success of the sessions relies on consistency and mutual feedback regarding the patient's development.

Ready to Start?






Initial Contact & Documentation Process

Reach out to us to get started. We’ll guide you through the necessary paperwork and answer any initial questions.

Evaluation is Scheduled and Conducted

We’ll arrange and carry out a comprehensive evaluation to understand your child’s specific therapy need and determine the Plan of Care goals.

Plan of Care is Processed and Sent to Physician

Our team develops a tailored plan of care for your child, which is then forwarded to your physician for approval.

AKL Processes Plan of Care and Assigns the Therapist

Once the plan is processed, we assign a qualified therapist who best fits your child’s unique requirements.

Therapy Sessions Begin!

Your child’s therapy sessions start, focusing on achieving the goals outlined in their personalized care plan.

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