In the development of language the child through the ear understands and through imitations that she hears from adults the child perfects her language and meanings.

Language therapy serves to correct all those disorders related to the use of language and speech. It is important to know this type of therapy to be able to identify, treat and correct these disorders.

It is important to note that speech disabilities refer to speech problems, in other words, the production of sounds. And on the other hand, there are the problems of language learning or use, that is, difficulties to express oneself coherently.

Speech therapy intervenes in audiological areas, children’s language, adult or neurogenic language, voice and speech and swallowing areas.

Speech therapy is a profession of human services, which deals with the study of human communication and its disorders in the areas of language, voice, speech and hearing, as well as aerodigestive disorders. Evaluates, diagnoses, intervenes and enhances the abilities to speak, read, write and to use the body and other tools as a means of expression.

Enhance the communication, language, speech, and listening skills of individuals and / or groups that require it.
Develop growth and social improvement projects that benefit the communication of children, youth and older adults.
Select and use technology for the rehabilitation of people with communication, language, speech, hearing, and aerodigestive problems.
Participate in interdisciplinary teams for the processes of inclusion of people with communicative disabilities, in education and work.

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